Which Vacuum Cleaner Is Best For Pet Hair?

Not all vacuum cleaners are created equal. You’d expect that any vacuum with good suction could handle embedded pet hair into carpet piles. Unfortunately, this is not the case. To get some straight answers we visited vacuum cleaner expert, Scott Peranio, at Action Vacuum in Jupiter, Florida. Since Scott has been in the vacuum cleaner business for more than 30 years and has a dog (named Alvin), we figured he could guide us in the right direction.


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According to Scott, “in order to pick up hair efficiently on the carpet we must have strong CMF’s which equates to strong suction.” CMF stands for Cubic Feet per Minute and is how airflow is measured. It is the best way to measure how much air is moved in a minute.


Best vacuum cleaner for pet hair

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Strong suction “equates to picking up a large amount of dog [and pet] hair.” In this video, Scott, with his dog Alvin, demonstrates the suction of the synthetic pet hair on the carpet by a Riccar upright vacuum cleaner available at Action Vacuum in Jupiter.



“But in order to do that, we need the fan impeller as close as possible to the carpet” Scott explains. A fan impeller is a type of radial blade blower wheel inside the vacuum cleaner that uses centrifugal force to suck air.  Therefore, “a direct fan system will alway be better than a canister style upright.”


Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner

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Scott Peranio can be contacted at (561) 744-6166. Scott specializes in the sales, installation, and service of central vacuums in Jupiter, Florida and beyond. He has over 30 years of experience selling and servicing vacuums and has owned Action Vacuum since 2008. Scott grew up in Jupiter, and started in the vacuum business at the age of 15 working alongside his brothers at his father’s vacuum business in Sunrise, Florida.

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