Keith Urban Pulls Talented Fan Onstage and He Totally Killed It!

It all started during an acoustic break between songs when Keith Urban looked into the audience and spotted a sign held up by a young woman reading, “It’s my boyfriend’s birthday!” … and then a sign held up by her boyfriend reading, “Can I play your guitar?”   The country star couldn’t… Read more »

8,000 Miles From Cuba to the USA

Cuban-American photojournalist, Lisette Poole, documented the 8,000 miles dangerous journey of two Cuban women from Havana to Texas via South America. They were among the last Cubans to cross the US border before the end of the “Wet Foot Dry Foot” policy that allowed Cubans entry to the USA if they… Read more »

Adam Levine’s Emotional Tribute To Christina Grimmie Will Touch Your Heart

Adam Levine delivered a very powerful tribute to late singer Christina Grimmie on Tuesday’s episode of The Voice.  The coach took the stage with three members of his current team to sing an emotional rendition of the Beatles 1968 classic “Hey Jude.”   . “God, I loved her so much. I am… Read more »

United Passenger Bloodied, Dragged Off Overbooked Airline Flight

A man, claiming to be a doctor, was forcibly removed from United Airlines Flight 3411 in Chicago, set for Louisville. The United Airlines CEO response tends to confirm the incident as described by passengers.   “Flight 3411 from Chicago to Louisville was overbooked. After our team looked for volunteers, one… Read more »

Pets Can Now Communicate With Amazon Via Petlexa

Alexa can now understand your pets with the introduction of “Petlexa.” This new feature gives pets “the freedom to place orders from Amazon and to activate smart home enabled toys.” To some this may sound like a terrible idea all around.       On the other hand, thousands of… Read more »

United Pilot Was Removed From Flight After Bizarre Rant

A pilot was removed from a United Airlines flight on Saturday after using the plane’s intercom system to go on a bizarre rant ranging from her divorce to calling President Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton “as**oles.     “She said, ‘Sorry I’m late, the reason I’m late is I’m going… Read more »

Join The StarQuire Community

Do you have content that you want to share with the world? Pictures, videos, articles, stories, reviews, etc… Join the StarQuire community and post your content, then share with your friends. StarQuire’s editors may select top content to publish to the front page of the site. If you think your… Read more »

Airbnb CEO Offers Free Housing To Refugees Affected By President Trump’s Executive Order

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky is one of  the many tech executive to criticize President Trump’s temporary refugee ban. Chesky has taken his remarks one step further by announcing that Airbnb is offering free housing to all the stranded refugees, students and green card holders in American airports.     “Our focus… Read more »

Why Millennials Are So Unhappy…”About Everything”

In this controversial video, author Simon Sinek is asked “What’s the millennial question?” His answer is one that many born after 1984 may disagree to. According to Sinek, “millennials as a generation, which is a group of people who were born approximately [in] 1984 and after, are tough to manage and… Read more »

9 Black & White Christmas Movies That Will Take You Back In Time

  A good old black and white Christmas movie is one of the best ways to set the mood for the holidays. There’s something magical about these grainy celluloid films. Perhaps it could be the homespun morals and innocence that the new generations doesn’t see everyday or possibly the nostalgia… Read more »